Office Clearance

An office clogged by rubbish is not only an unpleasant place to be in but can seriously hamper daily activities and bring down productivity. However, if removing junk wasn’t such a big challenge at times, there would be no need for specialised services.

Sometimes, even getting rid of old archives in the cabinets seems a daunting task. Don’t be stuck. Have a specialised London service carry out the task and leave no trails behind.

At Genius Waste Removal we have all the necessary tools for the job – no need to provide us with anything. If you think your office rubbish is still valuable, do not hesitate to discuss this with our team

We want our work to be flawless and leave everyone pleased with the result. For this reason, we ask our clients to communicate every relevant detail. Do let us know in advance about any sensitive data that needs to be protected or destroyed.

Notify us if you are working with or storing hazardous materials or items. The better the communication, the easier it is for us to provide you with a service that meets your expectations. Make sure to also consider carefully the date and time of the day for our visit. When possible, we can reach you within the same day.

Contact us whenever your office space requires a serious de-cluttering job that you cannot handle on your own. In fact, it doesn’t matter how big or small the issue is, as long as you don’t have the means to fix it and it’s hindering your daily work. If you are dealing with materials that are not supposed to be there, give us a call; we ensure rapid junk removal from offices in London and all throughout Essex and provide a smart solution for workspaces, regardless of how much or how little junk needs to be removed.

Also, we have been of great help when offices had to go through the renovation process. As London professional junk removal company, we have already been involved in a great deal of wonderfully diverse situations, and we are proud to tell that all clients were happy to see the results and carry out their activity in a new, fresh, de-cluttered, spacious and, finally, perfectly functional office.

As a truly professional clearance service, we can make the difference between the different types of ‘junk’. Our workers do not treat everything as if it were the same. There are construction materials to remove, old furniture, electronic equipment, useless paperwork and frequently dangerous items, too.

Each type calls for a distinct practice and has its own safety regulations. Some of the waste can be repurposed actually. Therefore, we don’t just dispose of it but discuss the possibilities with our clients. Additionally, our company can engage in further action, such as data destruction, IT equipment recycling, furniture removals and relocation.

Why choose us?

Our London office clearance service is flexible, highly adaptable and accessible in all the ways. It’s not only these qualities that recommend our company, though. You should choose Speed Junk Removal because:

  • we adapt our service to the type of waste to be taken out,
  • our solutions are environmentally friendly – no guilty conscience,
  • we are quick and professional,
  • our reputation is 100% clean,
  • we can make our way easily through the busiest areas of London,
  • recycling is on our mind at all times.