Loft Clearance

Perhaps the most challenging part of home cleaning or renovating is dealing with the loft or the attic. This is where people store long forgotten items. It is even likely to have a pest issue starting from your loft, not to mention all the dust and rubbish. Besides, a poorly maintained attic can lead to insulation problems, leaks, mould etc. The risks are real.

As you can see, our company represents a one-stop solution for your every need in the loft clearance department. We will collect, load, transport and dispose of the rubbish accordingly, with no need on your side to book several different services to get this done. No matter where your home is located in London, we will reach it at the designated time.

Our guarantee

You will be surprised at how many cleaning companies refuse to cater to lofts. Garden Waste Removal is not intimidated by this task and will not turn you down. We will send a team of waste collectors to your place and sort it out, even if it’s small and really, really cluttered.

Contact us to schedule a loft clearance for a price that is hard to beat in London. We take care of every detail and thus there is no reason for you to get your hands dirty. It is also possible to combine our loft clearing service with other ones that your property might require. Our area of expertise is very broad.

Please notify us in advance if you store any (potentially) hazardous items or materials in your home. It will help us tailor our service accordingly and handle it in a proper manner.

Benefits of loft clearance

The loft is a space that can be used effectively for storing items or can be repurposed. Clearing it will remove anything unnecessary and free the room for its new and better usage. Also, it will reveal any existing pest issues or faulty structures (such as a deteriorated insulation work), thus allowing you to fix it accordingly and boost your living conditions.

Professional London loft clearing ensures a flawless work with no junk left behind. In this regard, we might just be the best loft clearance company in London and its surroundings, with a budget-friendly and flexible service.

There is no fixed fee for our service. The price depends on the number of cubic yards to be cleaned, as well as on the eventual van load and the time required for the job.

Why choose us for loft clearance in London?

Not yet sure of what we can do for you? It’s simple: anything necessary to leave your loft clear and ready for its new use. Thus, our team ensures:

  • Professional rubbish removals
  • Recycling and repurposing
  • High level of customer service
  • Quick and effective work
  • Environmentally conscious approach
  • All nooks and crannies covered
  • Great service for small and big places alike
  • No rubbish left behind