Junk Removal Services

For the average person, removing large quantities of rubbish is a risky matter and definitely a time-consuming one. Had you enough trying to get help from your neighbours or to hire skip bins? In the end, it’s a great deal of trouble, unless you call for professional junk removal services in London. You can relax, focus on your own life and let others take care of every step of the process.

Take time to look through what we offer, so you can take the best decision in regards to your situation. Do not worry about the equipment, we have all that we need to carry out the work without interruptions.

As you may see, it does not matter the kind of property to work with; it can be anything from a modest home to a tall office building or an industrial facility. We can remove organic waste, old objects no longer in use, materials used in construction work – even the hazardous type.

Our clients are diverse – from big companies that simply cannot handle their immense load of rubbish to homeowners who are too busy to sort out their yard trash themselves.

You got a big amount of waste on your commercial or industrial property, with some of it being potentially hazardous? It could be anything from construction materials that are no longer needed, cans of paint etc. to plastic items, cardboard, boxes, cut vegetation and so on. As a highly specialised service, we can dispose of any of these, by employing the right tools and methods. The place is going to be cleared and finally used just as intended. Let us handle any load of junk materials and transport these away.

Enjoy a perfect balance between great service and affordable prices. At Speed Junk Removal we consider that waste of every kind should be dealt with appropriately. In consequence, we respond to all clearance requests our clients come up with. If you are dealing with domestic junk in the form of construction materials, used furniture, equipment you no longer need, broken appliances or green garden waste, we will quickly adapt to the situation and clear it entirely, transport it to a safe location and sort out anything that can be saved or recycled, so you can have peace of mind. Perhaps you need to make room in an old attic, prepare for renovations or make your way through the aftermath. Whatever is lying around idle will be loaded on trucks and disposed of.

Garden maintenance becomes impossible when you have heaps of dirt, rotten leaves or branches around. Call us to remove all green waste in your garden and make new for new growth. It’s all accomplished professionally and with ease.

Our services:

We offer the following services:

  • Office clearance
  • Loft clearance
  • Builders clearance
  • Domestic clearance
  • Garage clearance
  • Garden and green waste clearance