Garden and Green Waste Clearance

Gardens seem like an endless source of waste, don’t they? You deal with this periodically and it drains you at times. Not to mention that it’s not too pleasant to gather rubbish from your yard when the weather is unfriendly. We have the solution: professional garden clearance services at only one call away.

Our company offers garden and green waste clearance at affordable prices all throughout London and its surrounding areas. We don’t just collect the waste, but also transport it away from your property and dispose of it safely, as per the legal requirements, depending on the type of waste.

While we do play close attention to categories of waste, you don’t have to worry about these. Call us no matter what you are dealing with. Our company has the means to clear mixed household rubbish.

We are efficient in handling both organic and inorganic junk in the garden. It can be debris from construction work, dead leaves, rotten branches and so on. We will also remove old outdoor furniture that is no longer needed.

Thus, our team will ensure garden clearance within the shortest time possible and through the safest methods. You can thus rest assured that nothing on your property will be harmed or damaged. Enjoy an airy garden again through our flawless services. You can count on these at any time of the year.

Every London resident can now get help in removing any pile of junk on their property. We provide professional garden and green waste clearance. In case your yard is overwhelmed with organic waste such as leaves, branches, mulch etc., we will clear it all accordingly. At the same time, we can remove any other kind of junk collected on your property and leave none of that for you to handle.

If your home, garage or attic are in a similar situation, we have a specialised service for that, too. With an honest concern for the environment, for the community as well as for your well-being, our teams make use of the best-suited tools, handle hazardous materials with great care and dispose of it all as per the current regulations. We work at true British standards and the results show it.

This is a question that London residents frequently ask themselves. After all, many see the good part in it: when you have the green waste gathering in your yard, it keeps the plants warm during winter and it boosts the soil fertility as it rots.

However, there are downsides to it, too. The exposure to excessive humidity may lead to very unpleasant smells and to dangerous mould formation.

In addition, many insects love to make their home among fallen leaves that remain undisturbed. The wildlife in your garden will eventually be way more than you can cope with. Apart from all that, the heaps of dead greenery, mulch and branches might get to prevent new plants from growing.

The garden becomes a sad looking chaos and any attempt at reviving it feels futile. Garden maintenance surely cannot do without proper waste clearance. Therefore, if you’ve begun to experience any of these issues, it is time to schedule some professional action and get yourself rid of the problem.

Let Genius Waste Removal do the rest. Your only job is to schedule our visit at a time that is convenient for you. There will be no more heavy lifting to do for you and no more handling of the possibly gross