Garage Clearance

The garage, like the attic, is the place where people gather large piles of junk. If you’ve been doing that for years and now you’re alarmed by the heaps of useless items stored inside of your garage, then let us provide the easy solution: professional waste collection.

Effective and affordable London garage clearance

We serve the entire Greater London area and reach our client’s location as previously agreed. As a leading rubbish collecting company in the capital, Speed Junk Removal offers a cost-effective service for all London residents in need of a thorough garage clearing. In addition, we make proof of socially responsible and environment-friendly practices through and through.

Complete rubbish clearance services

Firstly, after every job, we leave the place clean and completely de-cluttered. Also, we can cater to any area of your house: the garden, the whole yard, the indoor, even the loft. Wherever you are dealing with unwanted clutter, construction materials, old items you’ve stored for years, useless boxes and so on, we can come in and help.

Also, anyone in need to clean other areas on their property can book us again, for other clearance tasks. If you happen to have stored household appliances in your garage, we might be able to recycle them or find another appropriate solution. It doesn’t just go to the landfill since we made a promise to handle everything responsibly.


Fast garage clearance – schedule now!

Why hurry? Because the longer you wait, the worse your garage looks. Besides, crammed objects that stay unmoved for years (or even months) may develop moulds, rust or become home to different kinds of pests. Why would you risk that on your property?

Call for our quick garage clearance service and get rid of the junk right away. It is far more advantageous than hiring a skip bin.

For the latter, you may have to wait and wait… and struggle to find the best way to deal with the rubbish. It’s going to be a lot of work that you may never get to finish alone. We’re not pessimistic – we’re just describing what our clients have been through.

We can handle heavy loads and ensure transport to dispose of everything. As for your junk in the garage, stay assured that everything unwanted will go out, without threatening the integrity of the structure in any way.

You are not required to provide any tools or materials while we work on your property. Genius Waste Removal already has all the needed solutions. Just give us the information required and an accurate address. Keep in mind that our team engages in tasks like clearing multi-storey buildings and construction sites, therefore handling your garage is going to be easy to us.

Trust us, we know what we’re doing. Londoners hire us because of the numerous advantages of the company and service:

  • Skilled team
  • Fully trained and insured
  • Quick action
  • Experience with all kinds of waste
  • Ability to handle hazardous materials
  • Fair and flexible pricing
  • Easy bookings
  • Ecological solutions