Builders Clearance

Need a helping hand with cleaning out debris after a property renovation? Did the workers leave a mess after they finished their construction work? Genius Waste Removal provides the perfect builders waste clearance service, under the UK laws regulations.

Our employees gather all the rubbish, load, sort and transport it, everything within the same service and can do this for any building project, even where access is difficult and more labour than usual is required.

This is definitely an all-encompassing service that is much more helpful than a skip hire. Plus, there will be no waiting time, as we are able to provide same-day service in most cases.

Our company is here to ensure bulky waste collection in an eco-friendly manner and with respect to all safety procedures. We work when and where you need us, with either simple, sophisticated, big or small outdoor structures. Any building project goes.

Call us for building waste removal services that leave no rubbish behind. Our builder’s clearance takes care of every material abandoned on the site. Let us clear out the chaos at any construction and demolition site, regardless of size.

Our staff remove unwanted materials, dispose of the waste, recycle and isolate any possibly dangerous materials. Have all the junk cleared quickly and professionally, with no damage to the property. In the end, we will sort out all the waste and leave the place ready, so the building can be used as intended right away.

We are proudly based in the British capital and serve its surroundings too, with quick access to your location. Besides, we offer a tailored service to suit your needs. At Speed Junk Removal we don’t just work according to our schedule – we listen to our clients and find the best solution for them. Our strongest assets are the punctual staff, the competitive prices and flexible schedule.

If you need us to clear an industrial building site, inform us beforehand on the materials we will have to handle and their potentially hazardous nature. Once we know what we are dealing with, we can come up with efficient solutions and safe and responsible ways to move the materials. We remove everything that’s in excess on an industrial construction site, as well as anything that you think, shouldn’t be there.

Besides, have no worries about the size of the collected debris, tools etc.: our workers load everything no matter the weight and also collect the hazardous waste. Not everything goes straight to the landfill; instead, we carefully sort out the waste we remove and decide how it can be reused or recycled.

We can clear virtually any kind of junk left after construction work. Don’t waste time – clearing a construction site can take months if left to non-professionals. We deal with it quickly and